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Annie Raab earned a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in Sculpture and Creative Writing, and an MFA in Fiction from Virginia Tech.


For more than a decade, her work has explored the confluence of art, writing, and the community. Her portfolio spans arts journalism, essays, criticism, reviews, and short stories. While she was trained as a fine artist, her skills are transferable to project development, grant applications and proposals, museum outreach, community engagement, and in generating materials for the greater artistic conversation.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, her specialty is in covering the unique talents and spaces of the Midwest. She lives part-time on her sailboat, Nacreous.

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Curriculum Vitae


• MFA Virginia Tech, Fiction

• BFA Kansas City Art Institute, Sculpture; Creative Writing (double major)


Editorial & Staff Writing

• Fiction Editor: the minnesota review, 2020

• Managing Editor: The New River, 2020

Arts Journalist: The Pitch, 2015-2018

Board Member: Whispering Prairie Press, 2013-2015

Senior Prose Editor, Kansas City Voices, 2013-2015

Awards & Recognition

• Virginia Tech Fiction Prize for “The Academy”, selected by Alyson Hagy, 2019

• Virginia Tech Creative Nonfiction Prize for “On Doubt”, selected by Brian Blanchfield, 2019.


• Nominated for AWP Intro Journals Project for essay “On Doubt”, 2019.


• “Victoria Park Found Dead at 45” shortlisted for the Unicorn Training Student Prize for New Media Writing, 2018.

• Second place winner of the Southampton Review Short Short Fiction Contest for "Once the Downs Empty", selected by Amy Hempel.

• “Survivors,” shortlisted in the quarterly fiction competition, TSS: The Short Story,  2016.


• “The Frayed Edge,” quarterly fiction contest honorable mention, On The Premises, 2016.

• Recipient of a Lighton International Artists Exchange Program (LIAEP) Grant, April, 2016.


• Guest juror for the visual art Student Citation Show at University of Central Missouri, 2016.


• Recipient of an ArtsKC Inspiration Grant, 2016.

Residencies & Workshops

• Southampton Review Writing Workshop with Amy Hempel, 2018

Kenyon Review Writing Workshop with AJ Verdelle, 2018.

• Writer in residence at Art Farm, Marquette, Nebraska, 2017.

• Writer in residence at Green Olive Arts, Tétouan, Morocco, 2016.

In the classroom

Creative Writing Instructor, Virginia Tech, 2021

First Year Writing Instructor, Composition & Rhetoric, Virginia Tech, 2020-2021


Writing Assistant, School of the New York Times, 2019-2020


Creative Writing Teaching Assistant, Virginia Tech, 2019


Writing Center Coach, Virginia Tech, 2019


Writing Instructor, Business Writing, Virginia Tech, 2018

•Academic Support Specialist, Kansas City Art Institute, 2017-2018

•Pre-College Art Lab (PCAL) Creative Writing Instructor, Kansas City Art Institute

In the community

• Virginia Tech MFA reading showcase, 2019.

• Kenyon Review reading showcase, 2017.

• Critical Writing in KC panel participant at Weinberger Fine Arts, 2017.


• Kansas City Art Institute Panel Discussion panelist at the KCAI Crossroads Gallery, part of the “Life After KCAI” series, 2017.


• Writing Lab consultant at UMKC’s Artist INC Advance program, 2017.

• Presenter at Shelf Life, Unwanted Gifts, 2016.

• “Oh, How We’ve Failed,” KCTV 5 interview, 2016.


• 90.1 KKFI ArtSpeak Radio interview, A Month in Morocco: Women & Fiction, 2016.

Guest juror for the visual art Student Citation Show, University of Central Missouri, 2016.


• Presenter at A Common Sense Reading Series curated by Jordan Stempleman, 2015.


• 90.1 KKFI ArtSpeak Radio interview with Kansas City Voices, “Art of Kansas City Voices” exhibition, 2015.


• Co-curator of  “Art of Kansas City Voices” at the Leedy-Volkus Art Center, 2015.


• Presenter at A Common Sense Reading Series curated by Jordan Stempleman, 2012.

Unique Skills

• Grant applications for the arts

• Residency proposals

• Arts development strategy

• Community outreach strategy

• Museum collaboration

• Student engagement


Selected Publications

• “Sonic Pleasures of The Deer,” Chicago Review of Books, August 2022.

• “Bluegills, Blue,” Cream City Review, Summer 2022.

• “(Re)Materializing Dread: An interview with Mayumi Lake and Stacia Yepanis,” Sixty Inches from Center, May 2022.

• “Rachel Harrison Assorted Varieties at Corbett vs Dempsey,” Chicago Artist Writers, January 7, 2022.

• “On Doubt.” New Reader Magazine, September 18, 2020.

• “The Guide,” Hello America, November 19, 2019.

• Interview with Rachel Haley Himmelheber, Ploughshares blog, February 26, 2019.

• “Unfortunately, the Book Continues to be Relevant: An interview with Erika Meitner,” Ploughshares blog, January 9, 2019.

• “Wide Range Through a Single Lens: An interview with Michael Dumanis of Bennington Review,” the minnesota review blog, November 29, 2018.

• “Once the Downs Empty,” TSR: The Southampton Review. Winter/Spring 2019 issue.

• “A Braided History of Socialism, Literacy, and Education,” the minnesota review blog, October 23, 2018.

• “The Artist,” Existere Journal, York University. Fall/Winter 2018 issue.

• “Inside a West Plaza bungalow, Open House is carving out a new, subversive space for art and community-building” The Pitch, 2018

• “Alter’s FOMO-factor parties are bad mothers,” The Pitch, 2018

• “Facing the Future: The Kemper’s thrilling show of Outwin portraits holds up a timely mirror,” The Pitch, December 1, 2017.

• “Art and the Crossroads of Kansas City,” Sculpture, September, 2017.

• “Kendell Harbin’s VHS safari hunts a very delicate species: memory,” The Pitch, November 20, 2017.

• “Ryan Wilkes pushes sex out of the shadows in his challenging, memorable Queerotica,” The Pitch, July 14, 2017.

• “KC’s LGBTQ community clears its throat—and learns to break a chokehold,” The Pitch, May 18, 2017.

• “At the Spencer, surprises from new Asian artists,” The Pitch, March 7, 2017.

• “State of the World at H&R Block Artspace, raises a hopeful flag,” The Pitch, February 14, 2017.

• “Roger Shimomura and Yuval Yairi map complex legacies in separate solo shows,” The Pitch, January 3, 2017.

• “Trey Hock, the bathroom selfie, and me,” The Pitch, December 20, 2016.

• “Charlotte Street’s bold, searching ¿Que Pasa USA? deserves to be answered,” The Pitch, December 20, 2016.

• “Erin Zona’s She Was Right is totally correct,” The Pitch, October 18, 2016.

• “Nick Cave’s Property at the Nelson is a must-see,” The Pitch, September 28, 2016.

• Essayist for gallery literature, Charlotte Street 2016 Artists Award Exhibition at Kemper Crossroads Gallery, September 2, 2016.

• “Dark Days, Bright Nights: Contemporary Paintings from Finland reveals warmth under the ice,” The Pitch, February 9, 2016.

• “Wendy Red Star poses haunting questions in Parading Culture at Haw,” The Pitch, February 9, 2016.

• “Front/Space’s Hot Hands fundraiser is a big deal for art spotters and collectors,” The Pitch, January 26, 2016.

• “The Empress’s New Clothes,” Informality Blog, September 14, 2015.

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